Holiday House-Selling: Tips to Listing Your Home in Winter

So Winter is sometimes considered not the ideal time to list your home, but there’s still much opportunity for attracting buyers out there. Here are some tips to turning a holiday listing into a successful sale:

1) Keep your home in tip-top shape.

Now this advice for any time of year, but with the harsh Winter conditions it’s even more critical that you pay attention to the greenery, lawn, gutters, and any other portion of your home that is exposed to inclimate weather. Make sure to rake the leaves and keep driveways clear of any falling tree debris. Should it snow, take extra care to shovel the pathways so that buyers can tour your house safely.

2) Tone it down with the holiday decorations.

This is not to say that you should forgo any of the fun of holiday decorations, but think about white lights instead of color. Consider keeping the plastic reindeer in the shed this year. On the interior, keep the nutcrackers, mistletoe and granny’s life-size elf doll to a minimum. Anything that makes the home seem too themed can distract from the buyer’s vision of themselves in the home.

3) Think cozy.

Staging a home in winter should appeal to those parts of colder weather that make home the place to be. According to Loren Keim, a  professor of real estate at Lehigh University. “If you have a vacant house in winter with the heat turned down to 50, chances are someone will make a very low offer,” he says. “And if you can leave at least a few pieces of furniture behind, it has more of an impact.” Make the home a refuge from the outside and an inviting space that will make the buyer want to stay and enjoy a hot chocolate.

4) Keep it light.

Natural light is a selling point for any house; unfortunately there’s not a lot of it come Wintertime. To offset the gloomier weather, opt for extra lamps and ensure when buyers come through that all lights are on and window shades open. Also keep a few lights on when you’re not there; potential buyers are driving around all the time and a dark, empty house is far less appealing than a glowing one.

Should you keep these tips in mind, listing during the Winter season doesn’t need to be unseasonable. In fact, there’s nothing like cold weather to make people want to stay at home; make sure you do everything you can to make sure that it’s yours they decide to stay in!

Author: kimhuntkw

We specialize in Real Estate in the Pleasanton, Dublin and Livermore areas of the East Bay in California

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