Perhaps your home has some New Year’s resolutions as well…

As 2012 approaches and everyone is thinking about getting in shape, getting on track and generally getting it together, it may be time to do the same for your home. With the market as it is, it’s best to have your home in the absolute best condition possible to attract ready, willing and able buyers. And while the word “renovation” strikes fear in the hearts of many homeowners, there are plenty of ways to update your home for minimal money and disruption. Here are just some of them:

1) Turn your closet into an office. See more

2) Fix those squeaky floors. See more

3) Remodel your garage. See more

4) Touch up those paint jobs. See more

5) Clean out those gutters and downspouts. See more

Take some time to look around your house and see how you can make easy updates to not only enjoy your home more yourself but also to avoid costly deferred maintenance and unnecessary expenses and rushing around should you decide to sell. Should you have any questions about which projects will help the value of your home the most, don’t hesitate to call. And certainly if the project seems too big for a little DIY, I have great suggestions for contractors, plumbers, electricians and a whole slew of other professionals who can help you make your home the best it can be in 2012.

Author: kimhuntkw

We specialize in Real Estate in the Pleasanton, Dublin and Livermore areas of the East Bay in California

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