Buying a home for the school?

Making the Choice Between a Good School and a Better House

Sheree R. Curry | AOL | July 29, 2013 | link
homebuyer AnneMarie Ronning and Family

How much house would you give up to make sure your children are going to a good school? “I lived in a house with a large modern kitchen and four bathrooms,” says AnnaMarie Ronning of Minneapolis, “But if I can find a house in the area I want, I will deal with an older style kitchen and survive with one bathroom with the possibility of adding another one later.”

Ronning is looking to move from a two-bedroom apartment in the upscale Linden Hills neighborhood and move into a single-family home nearby with her three school-aged children, but she’s facing some hard and limited choices, and she’s far from alone. It’s the kind of choice that 60 percent of homebuyers in a recent survey by said has a big impact on their decision to buy a home.

“Homebuyers are willing to pay more and give up certain home features for a home located in their district of choice,” said Leslie Piper, consumer housing specialist at, which today released its Back to School survey results aimed at showing how much weight schools have in the homebuying decision. What are homebuyers willing to sacrifice? “They are especially willing to give up accessibility to shopping and nearby parks and trails among other amenities, to reside within school district boundaries of choice,” Piper said.

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