It all starts with one bright idea…

Single Design Moves That Make All the Difference

One good turn deserves a whole ideabook — check out these exceptional lone moves that make the room

Becky Dietrich | | link
Like you, I really enjoy browsing the homes featured on Houzz. There’s always a fresh idea, an important old idea restated or a spectacular new design to revel in.  But one of my favorite things to do while I browse is to note the rooms where one thing —one imaginative stroke — makes all the difference.  It might be an accessory, a paint color or a piece of furniture.  But if it were not in that room, the look would be substantially diminished.
Let’s take a glimpse at some of these, with the hope that you’ll gain new vision for how to greatly enhance a space with simply one addition.
Think about this room without the bold wall color.  Wow. Can you picture it being blander and more conventional?
Paint is one thing that can make or break a room.  I seriously love paint!  It is relatively inexpensive, the color options are almost infinite, and it is not overwhelming to change if you tire of it or it doesn’t work.
The one addition that makes a room special does not have to be a permanent fixture.  It can change with your whim or with the season.  Imagine this office without that green foliage on the desk.  The combination of the lime-green color and the feathery texture adds an element that would be sorely missed.

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