Nursery revelations – paint the little one’s room in unexpected colors…

9 Rooms That Prove Nurseries Can Be The Most Stylish Spot In The House

Of all the decisions new parents have to make, color is rarely ever one of them. There’s pink for girls and blue for boys, and yellow if you’re interested in something a little less stereotypical. At least that’s what society tells us. It might be hard to imagine as you’re looking through a catalog for your own children (or nieces, nephews and the like), but there was a time when the girls’ department wasn’t filled with pink merchandise … but the boys’ department was. And this wasn’t so long ago: Think sixty-something years or so.

Before World War II ended in 1945, color rules operated in reverse, with boys donning pink gowns and blue being considered a “much more delicate and dainty tone,” for girls, a departure from the gender norms we’ve come to know that’s currently on display in an exhibit called “Think Pink” at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

Pink was recommended for boys as far back as the 1700s, “because it’s a stronger and more passionate color, and because it’s actually derived from red,” curator Michelle Finamore told NPR.

Granted, a pink suit is one thing, but outfitting your baby boy’s room in the rosy hue? We understand that might take a little more time (and a lot more shifting of our cultural norms). In the meantime, we’re venturing over to other parts of the color wheel with these 9 rooms that do just that, along with decorating tricks that easily bridge the gender divide.

  • Blue For Girls
    Chip Lay
    Blogger Joni Lay found her “baby blue” room paint on the more aqua end of the spectrum, a shade that could easily suit either a boy or a girl, especially since it’s anchored by black and white. An arrangement of family photos above the changing table stand in for overly babyish art and double as a “family tree” of sorts.
  • Dark Walls
    Nadia Drapos Photography
    Chocolate brown stands in perfectly for the more predictable pink in this twin girls’ room by designer Natalie D’Urso of Milka Interiors. D’Urso brought in feminine flourishes by way of polka dot wall decals, pastel bedding and a set of pink suitcases instead, which means there’s no repainting required if the room ever assumes another use.

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