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How to Build the Perfect Bed

Judy Jones | Huffington Post | May 16, 2014 | link 


(Photo courtesy Jody Jones)

Sleep, that elusive and temperamental beast. I’ve spent my adulthood seeking it like Godzilla hunts Mothra, or the way that perimenopausal women look for sleep.

Thanks to better living through chemistry, I’ve come to a mighty-fine agreement with sleep: Leave me alone for 14 hours a day, and you can have all of me the other 10. Ish.

Having your own issues? Try calming lavender sachets or spray, melatonin, warm milk, calming music or Ambien (at your own risk). Surely something will stick (fingers crossed!). And once you’ve conquered getting sleep, it’s time to turn your attention to the quality of your sleep, which very often begins with building the perfect bed.


Start with foundation: A stellar mattress begets a perfect bed. The tough part? It’s completely subjective.

I have some friends who swear by their “green” latex mattresses. I’ve loved my crazy-expensive, wrapped-coil Stearns & Foster, having first sampled it at my Mammy’s house and refusing to get out of it for a day or three.

There are benefits and drawbacks to all choices: Pillow tops feel cushy, but you can’t flip them as recommended (so wear will be uneven). While garnering the highest owner satisfaction, memory foam mattresses are noted as being “not romance-friendly for some.” No thanks. And waterbeds seem groovy, man… but just don’t.

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