Luxury DIY do’s and don’ts from top designers…

Renovation Tips from Top Designers and Architects

Suzanne Tucker of Tucker & Marks refurbished a formal living room.
Pieter EstersohnSuzanne Tucker of Tucker & Marks refurbished a formal living room and decorated it with shades of yellow, brown, and peach.

Interviews by Melissa Feldman

Today’s great design minds reveal their chic, clever tips for remodeling, from small jobs to total makeovers.

Suzanne Tucker, Interior Designer
“The warm tones of butter-yellow are always flattering-to art, antiques, and us!”

William Sofield, Interior Designer
“Imagine all the surfaces of a room simply as reflectors of light and then choose paint values, tones, and colors that will accentuate or minimize differences. I often paint each surface a different color in order to achieve the right balance.”

Robert Couturier, Architect/Designer
“To soundproof a room, upholster the walls and use thick carpets. I also put Green Glue behind the drywall-it’s a very effective noiseproofing compound.”

Lee Ledbetter, Architect/Designer
“Paonazzetto is my current favorite marble for baths because it has graining reminiscent of a Franz Kline painting. It’s difficult to find the really beautiful slabs with a lot of contrast, but the hunt is worth the trouble.”

Sandra Nunnerley, Interior Designer
“Rooms with high ceilings need generous baseboards. I have them made ten inches tall when necessary.”

shower fitting
Baccarat’s shower fitting for THG.

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