What’s the WORST thing you can do before you try to sell your home?

Worst Decorating Mistakes

I recently wrote an article for Houzz in which I acknowledged the dumbest decorating decisions I’d ever made. More than 300 of you responded with your own tales of woe. Most of them fell into four categories:

1. Painting anything yellow.
2. Furniture that wouldn’t fit through doorways.
3. Leaving town while someone worked on your home.
4. Painting anything yellow.

Because it can take a while to read 300 comments, I collected some of the most memorable tales from fellow Houzzers to share with you. Schadenfreude alert: Some of the following stories may cause involuntary laughter. Don’t resist.

Note: Photos are for illustration purposes only and do not portray the actual disasters described.

Color Trouble
Once my color-blind husband picked the color to paint our traditional home. He said it was tan. I came home to a lavender house.

I love the color purple, so I wanted one room in purple. Well, it looks like Barney puked all over the walls.

When building our first house I painted the whole house what seemed to be gray with a purple undertone. My first mistake was in not understanding how tough it is to get gray right. My second mistake was not getting a test pot and trying it out in the space. My third mistake was being out of town when the painters did the job. “Slight purple undertone” was Barney purple. My entire home. Needless to say, my husband was less than pleased having to repaint it. All I can say is test pots, test pots, test pots.

I painted a two-story Florida room a Pepto-Bismol pink called “Rose.” Then paid the painters to come back and repaint the room Bennington Grey. Only my husband was so mad at me he only let them paint one coat! The results actually turned out interesting – a mauve that shifts around in color from morning to evening. I can’t tell you how many people have asked me the paint color. (“Well, it’s complicated …”)

A few days prior to a huge Thanksgiving gathering I noticed how dingy our living/dining room looked and decided to paint it a cheerful and bright color. Went and picked out something called “English Rose.” When I tested it on a small area of the wall, it looked quite nice, so I painted the whole room. Once finished, I stepped back to look. To my horror, my “English Rose” room looked as if it had been painted in Pepto-Bismol – not the look I wanted just prior to Thanksgiving … or anytime, actually!

comfy by design
When I was in design school I decided to paint my kitchen yellow. “Wow” is all I can say. I felt like I had been swallowed by Big Bird!

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