1:1:16 – how much do you know about the Golden Ratio?

How Architects Take Advantage of The Golden Ratio

classical exterior How Architects Take Advantage of The Golden Ratio

When you really think about it, one of the coolest facets of architecture is the ability to have buildings be so different – so varied in terms of size, shape, and style – and yet so similar at their core. No matter who designs the building, it is constructed from a blueprint. No matter what a structure looks like once it’s finished, it’s still is assembled from a collection of natural materials. No matter what the building’s eventual purpose is, the golden ratio was most likely used to determine its proportions.

This ratio – 1:1.61, for those are wondering – occurs over and over again in nature. It is found in everything from the shape of our universe, the structure of clouds, and the even the proportions of the human body. Humans have incorporated it into everything from mathematics, to artwork, and music.

With such varied applications, it should come as little surprise that this ratio is rooted in architecture’s fundamental principles. Continue on to find out how architects take advantage of the golden ratio in their work. You may find yourself looking at your surroundings in a way that you never have before.

cabin exterior How Architects Take Advantage of The Golden Ratio

It’s Rooted In History

As with any industry, architecture would not be what it is today without relying on the architectural lessons of the past.  Phi, which is another term for the ratio,  is just one of those concepts that inform the way in which we look at buildings today.

While there is some controversy over the exact origins, many people believe that use of the ratio dates all the way back to the Great Pyramids in Egypt. It can also be found in many of the world’s other most famous buildings including: the Parthenon, the Notre-Dame of Laon cathedral, and he Taj Mahal.

Every time you view a building with evenly spaced columns, that’s a nod to the ratio and it’s tenure with the ancient greeks. Every time you look at a home with a peaked and sloped roof that allows for winter snows to easily fall off, that’s also thanks to the ratios calculations. Next time you take a walk around your neighborhood, see how many examples of phi you can see. We think you’ll be surprised how many there are.

exterior columns How Architects Take Advantage of The Golden Ratio

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