How to keep your indoor greens healthy & happy this winter…

Even though your plant resides in a pot indoors, it’s still keenly aware of the seasons. With shorter days, drier air and cooler temperatures, winter is perhaps the most challenging time a year for houseplants.

The trick to helping plants endure the harsher conditions is simply modifying your care routine. Check out these tips to keep houseplants happy and alive this winter.

Limit watering


Considering their growth rate is significantly slower during the winter, plants do not require as much water. Test the soil by putting your finger about one inch into the soil. If it feels dry, the plant needs a good soaking. Be sure to use lukewarm water.

Try a new window

From summer to winter, the angle of the sun changes, so place your plants near a different window for the season. You can also wash the window glass, inside and out, to help let in more light. Don’t forget to rotate the plants every so often to make sure they receive light evenly on all sides.

No food necessary

Because plants grow very little during the winter, fertilization is not necessary during these months. It’s best to withhold food until spring, when the days are much longer and the sun is stronger. Resume weekly feedings closer to spring to give plants a boost.

A good cleaning

Dusty leaves can clog pores, making it difficult for plants to fully absorb essential nutrients. Using a damp cloth, wipe the leaves to get rid of any dust or debris. A thorough cleaning will also help get rid of any unwanted pests.

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