How highways will affect your home…

How Future Commuting Patterns Affect Architecture


The world we live in is a busy place, and all signs point to it just getting busier. These days, it seems that everybody is on the run and on the list of priorities; careers seem to take a top position. As superior technology leads us into a revolution of seamless communication worldwide, human beings have never been more connected. Everything has become instantaneous and people expect their commute to run as seamless and expedient as the rest of their technology-driven lives.

For architects, this poses a number of big questions. How does one go about designing well for a mass of people always on the move? Architects inherently look towards structures that are built to last, but these days, people function in a world that moves and changes quickly. While these paradox situations can be tricky, they are far from impossible to combine—it just takes a little soul-searching and a lot of patience.

One of the biggest questions that has come up for architects in the modern world is how the question of commuting affects their work and designs. Movement changes everything, including the basic layout of cities and countries. As commuting continues to become a more common situation for the average household, it’s important that architects look at how this affects what they set out to do within their designs.

train station

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