What’s Trending in Home Design?

Home design styles and options come and go each year. Check out this list of trends for 2016-you might be surprised by some of the popular choices this year! 

7 Hot Home Improvement Trends for 2016
Looking to refresh or remodel your home? Check this out before you make a move! We asked some of HomeAdvisor’s member pros to weigh in on the New Year’s hottest home trends. Here are seven you won’t want to miss.

1. Tubs are out; shower stalls are in.

According to the pros, 2016 is the year of the bathroom remodel. It seems homeowners are shifting away from tub-centric, five-piece bathrooms and opting instead for walk-in shower stalls complete with seating, shelving and multiple showerheads.

Fun fact: Tom Lupinetti, owner of T & L Remodeling and Services in Denver, Colo., says he’s removed about $18,000 worth of jetted bathtubs in the last year alone!

2. Ceramic is out; glass tile is in.

When it comes to backsplashes and bathroom surrounds, the pros predict that homeowners will scrap ceramics and indulge in glass. In fact, according to Howard Molen, president of HFM Builders in New York, subway tile is an increasingly popular choice for Manhattan remodels — and it shows fewer flaws than ceramic too.

3. Granite is out; engineered quartz is in.

According to our pros, engineered quartz (the Silestone brand, in particular) has officially ousted Granite as countertop supreme. Why? Because engineered quartz is tougher than granite — and it offers the beauty of stone without the maintenance too. Of course, as Travis Neff of Neff Enterprises in Phoenix, Ariz., points out, quartz generally costs about 20-30 percent more than granite. So, many homeowners opt to stick with granite — the still-worthy tried and true.

4. Lowboy toilets are out; comfort height is in.

The standard lowboy toilet is being dethroned. According to HFM Builders’ Howard Molen, homeowners are shifting toward comfort-height toilets that offer higher, more accessible seating (2 to 3 inches higher than standard).

Bonus points: Comfort-height toilets are great for people with joint and mobility issues!

5. Oak cabinets are out; paints and dark finishes are in.

One of the year’s hottest trends will be a shift from natural oak and cherry cabinets to more modern paints and stains, says Travis Neff of Neff Enterprises. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to update your cabinets without replacing them altogether. In fact, refinishing (painting or staining) or refacing (replacing the doors and drawer fronts) can save you thousands of dollars!

6. High-end appliances are out; mid-range appliances are in.

Today’s mid-range appliances look just as nice and perform just as well as higher-end appliances, explains Howard Molen of HFM Builders. So, there’s no reason for homeowners to spend top dollar on top-of-the-line machines.

Bonus points: Saving on appliances means you get to spend more on the fun stuff!

7. Engineered flooring is out; oak is in.

Laminate and engineered flooring enjoyed a good stint of popularity, says Howard Molen of HFM Builders, but homeowners quickly learned that changing weather and humidity caused unsightly separation and gapping in their floors. In 2016, Molen declares, homeowners will turn back to solid oak flooring. Solid wood won’t gap, he says, and it lasts longer and looks better too.




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