A little History of our own Alviso Adobe Community Park here in Pleasanton.

The Alviso Adobe Community Park The Alviso Adobe Community Park is a recreational piece of land, measuring about seven acres, and located at the edge of Pleasanton in the Tri-Valley. The Alviso Adobe is actually a house that forms the center point of this park and remains on the Californian Historical Landmark registry.

Adobe houses are essentially made from mud and/or clay. It was once the primary building material of all homes that were built from our early existence until some point in the 19th century.
The park was due to be constructed in 2000 but lack of funds meant the park’s construction was not even started until 2007. The project began with a total funding pool of $4.4m and opened to the public in late 2008.

The adobe was originally built a century and a half ago in 1854 by father of ten, Alfred Alviso (whom the park is now named after). He, his wife and children only owned the property for a couple of decades before selling the adobe to the soon-to-be Mayor of Oakland. New land developer John West Martin allowed the Alviso family to stay at the property right up until 1888.

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The historical home suffered – as did many properties in the area – in 1906 from a massive earthquake. Cracks in the walls, a chimney that was falling apart and several other damaged fixtures Walter Briggs purchased the property cheaply in 1919 and turned it into a dairy.
Briggs sold the adobe on to the Great South and West Corporation and the organisation toyed with the idea of building an amusement theme park at the location of where the park is today.

This concept was met with protest and fury from the local residents and many small businesses. Eventually, the idea of an amusement park was scrapped and GSWC saw little use for the land, so sold it on to a land development company specialising in building affordable homes. A number of small housing lots were constructed, all of which surrounding the original Alviso adobe, which was protected by the state as an historical monument.

The Community Park tells a little history of the state of California, in some ways, as this was the place where some of the earliest activity took place. Native American settlements, building of Spanish ranchos and cattle farming all took place across the Amador Valley where the park is situated today.

Alviso Adobe is just another great historical gem, trenched in history, that we have in our beautiful home, the Tri-Valley. If you are thinking of moving to the Pleasanton, Dublin or Livermore areas of the East Bay, Contact Us. We would be happy to discuss our unique and beautiful community.