Does your office feed your creativity?

How Workspace Design Affects Workflow

boardroom design How Workspace Design Affects Workflow

Running a business is no easy task. At any given moment, there are a thousand different decisions to be made. As the boss, not only is it your responsibility to make those decisions, but the answers that you give could potentially make or break your commercial success. When you live under all that pressure day in and day out, it’s only understandable why office design would be the furthest thing from your mind. After all, it doesn’t really matter what a space looks like as long as the work gets done, right?

Wrong. It turns out the way in which a corporate space is designed has a profound impact on the business itself. Design choices have an effect on everything from task performance, to error rate, and employee satisfaction.

Take a look at the article below for further explanation of the science behind these effects. We’ll share the research with you and then show you how to help your workspace design achieve optimal results. It may just be time for a remodel.

colorful office space How Workspace Design Affects Workflow

Color Choice Affects Task Performance

At first thought, it may seem like choosing colors for your workspace will be your easiest office design decision. Of course, you’ll choose the colors that you’ve chosen for your brand, right? Not so fast.

Research by the National Institute of Health has found that the colors that surround us have a profound effect on how well we are able to complete tasks. Exposure to blue and green shades was found to enhance performance on tasks that required participants to generate new ideas. Red, on the other hand, seemed to aid tasks that required specific attention to detail.

It’s no coincidence that a red, blue, and green color combo sounds familiar to us. Many big name companies like Google, Ebay, and Microsoft have incorporated these shades into their branding and office design. Keep an eye out the next time you come across an advertisement. Odds are you’ll often come in contact with these three shades.


7 Marble Bathrooms That Redefine Luxury

Dering Hall | Huffington Post | May 14, 2014 | link


Luxury should not be overlooked in bathroom design. These 15 luxurious marble bathroom designs are fitted with well-crafted fixtures, stunning free-standing bath tubs, custom showers and finished off with unique marble detailing. The marble surfaces elevate each design and create a fresh, sleek finish with a true luxurious undertone.


Castle Design


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It all starts with one bright idea…

Single Design Moves That Make All the Difference

One good turn deserves a whole ideabook — check out these exceptional lone moves that make the room

Becky Dietrich | | link
Like you, I really enjoy browsing the homes featured on Houzz. There’s always a fresh idea, an important old idea restated or a spectacular new design to revel in.  But one of my favorite things to do while I browse is to note the rooms where one thing —one imaginative stroke — makes all the difference.  It might be an accessory, a paint color or a piece of furniture.  But if it were not in that room, the look would be substantially diminished.
Let’s take a glimpse at some of these, with the hope that you’ll gain new vision for how to greatly enhance a space with simply one addition.
Think about this room without the bold wall color.  Wow. Can you picture it being blander and more conventional?
Paint is one thing that can make or break a room.  I seriously love paint!  It is relatively inexpensive, the color options are almost infinite, and it is not overwhelming to change if you tire of it or it doesn’t work.
The one addition that makes a room special does not have to be a permanent fixture.  It can change with your whim or with the season.  Imagine this office without that green foliage on the desk.  The combination of the lime-green color and the feathery texture adds an element that would be sorely missed.

Tudor 2.0

Timeless Doesn’t Mean Traditional in These Tudors

Catherine Sherman | Zillow Blog | August 8, 2013 | link

Myth: “Tudor” and “traditional” are synonymous. While Tudor revival architecture dates back to the late 1800s, Tudor-style homes with an updated look and feel are hitting the market across the U.S. We’ve gathered a few for-sale listings combining classic Tudor curb appeal with contemporary interior renovations.

Englewood, CO
23 Sunset Dr, Englewood, CO
For sale: $6.15 million

Englewood, CO
A vine-covered exterior, antique lighting and vintage furniture give this Tudor tons of character, but the home isn’t stuck in 1931. Inside, a remodeled kitchen boasts granite countertops and high-end appliances for serious cooking, while the master bath features a jetted tub for some modern relaxation. The lushly landscaped grounds also include a greenhouse and pool.

Seattle, WA
1664 Federal Ave E, Seattle, WA 
For sale: $2.095 million

Seattle, WA
Described in the listing as “a beautiful home dressed in refined luxury and class,” this Capitol Hill house combines Tudor and craftsman elements to create a space fitting for the Pacific Northwest. While it doesn’t date back to the 19th or 20th centuries, the home replicates architectural details of the period while adding a contemporary wine cellar and bonus room.

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Filling your empty nest…

Design Advice on Reconfiguring an Emptying Nest

NICOLE HIGGINS DeSMET | New York Times | July 31, 2013 | link

Michelle Rose

One way to reuse an empty nest: This space, designed by Danielle Galland, includes a his and hers desk with a monitor that doubles as a guest bedroom television or computer screen.

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Zillow’s Dig This Trend | Breakfast Nooks

Catherine Sherman | Zillow Blogs | June 17, 2013 | link

You may rethink breakfast in bed when you see these bright and cozy breakfast nooks from Zillow Digs. Whether modern banquette seating or a Victorian-style tea parlor, these spaces are changing the way homeowners across the country approach the most important meal of the day.

Sunny in Savannah

Savannah, GA
A glass of OJ and newspaper in hand seem fitting for this classic, sun-filled breakfast table.

Head in the clouds

Park City, UT
With a 180-degree view of Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort’s ski runs, you can plan your route down the slopes over a high-protein meal.

Booth, please!

Sausalito, CA
A distressed wood table and sleek booth seats are a contemporary take on a ’50s diner.

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Zillow’s Dig This Trend | Patio Perfection

Madison Slinker | Zillow Blogs | April 22, 2013 | link

Warning: These patios have been known to cause major real estate envy. From fireside loungers to satin-draped palaces, here are a few of the most magazine-worthy patios from Zillow Digs.

Lakefront view

Zillow's Dig This Trend: Party Patios

Designed for all seasons, this waterfront patio offers shade during sunny afternoons, and a crackling hearth for evening warmth.

Garden hideaway

Zillow's Dig This Trend: Party Patios

Planning a Mother’s Day tea party? This elegant brick patio offers an intimate dining experience surrounded by greenery.

Mediterranean beauty

Zillow's Dig This Trend: Patios

Venture to Tuscany without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. A Mediterranean-style lounge area is the perfect weekend escape. Read more…